Lingerie Wearing Tips for Your Significant Other

Lingerie is a personal thing. It’s all about what you want and need and at the same time how you feel about yourself after wearing it. However, let’s not deny it, there are aspects of lingerie which can be a part of connection between you and your significant other. So, here are some of the […]

Lingerie Tips for Women with Active Jobs

Style and fit of lingerie is important when you have a physically demanding job. To last you through the day, you would need to find lingerie that is supportive, comfortable and flexible if you have an active career. Here are some tips to look for the kind of lingerie if you have an active job. […]

Few Tips in Buying Your Honeymoon Lingerie

After wedding celebration, I bet you will want your honeymoon to go smoothly and fun for both you and your spouse. One of the things that you can do, you can take this opportunity to buy and wear new clothing, make yourself pretty to celebrate the new life as husband and wife. Besides the outerwear, […]

Tips to Choose the Right Bridal Lingerie

When a lady is planning for her wedding, the burning question is always what should I wear? This is the part most brides-to-be will be spending a long time in choosing the right wedding gown to wear, but do you know that it is equivalent important to choose the right lingerie for the wedding gown. […]

When to Replace Your Bra

Bra takes a significant spot in a woman’s life. Bra gives a woman an amazing shape and a stunning silhouette to take on the world. Often, we’ll wear a favorite one more than others, simply because we feel good with it. But, do you know that the bra has an expiration date? Analogy wise, it’s […]