Lingerie Tips for Women with Active Jobs

Style and fit of lingerie is important when you have a physically demanding job. To last you through the day, you would need to find lingerie that is supportive, comfortable and flexible if you have an active career. Here are some tips to look for the kind of lingerie if you have an active job.


Look for bras that are made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. Breathable fabrics will give air to flow towards skin and sweat to flow away from body. Moisture-wicking fabric enables your skin to dry quicker by drawing the sweat away from body. This will be a good choice if you’re prone to heavy sweating. For sensitive skin, breathable materials such as natural fibers like cotton will be a good alternative to synthetic. Mesh is also a good choice as breathable materials for a good exchange of air to your skin.


If you have an active career, look for bra with designs such as a t-back, racer back, or J-hook on one of the bra steps that will be flexible to convert the bra. This style serves 2 purposes;

1) It helps to redistribute weight closer to your core rather than on your shoulders.

2) It avoids the straps from falling down on your shoulder when leaning over, reaching for something, or while working, as the straps are farther in on your body.

Dependable sports bra and a non-molded cup bra, are the 2 styles that would be suitable for an active job person. Sports bra is a no-brainer because most are about containment. They are of great support, tend to keep larger breasts closer to the chest, and reduce breast bounce. These materials are often breathable or have moisture wicking properties. However, it does not mean that you cannot wear pretty or sexy bras to work, just because of an active job. You can try full soft cup bra, underwire with straps set in a bit. This will prevent you from having to re-adjust your bra often.


Underwear, in the world of lingerie is the common counterpart to bras. Comfortable underwear gives you the confidence just like comfortable bra. Leave those underwear in the drawer or throw them out if you find your underwear likes to ride up or give you a wedgie. It is of personal tastes when it comes to underwear style. Some would find high-rise full coverage bikini style briefs are most comfortable, some may find seamless underwear are of most comfort and prevent the lines to be visible when wearing skin tight dress or skirt, skinny jeans or slacks. Same with bras, choose underwear that are made of breathable or moisture wicking fabrics, too.

Fit is always imperative, no matter what lingerie (bra and underwear) you choose to wear and buy. Get bras fitting regularly to have one that fits you perfectly and buy underwear in your current size. Wearing proper fitting underpinnings will make a whole lot of difference to your skin and yourself throughout the day.