Few Tips in Buying Your Honeymoon Lingerie

After wedding celebration, I bet you will want your honeymoon to go smoothly and fun for both you and your spouse. One of the things that you can do, you can take this opportunity to buy and wear new clothing, make yourself pretty to celebrate the new life as husband and wife. Besides the outerwear, do remember not to neglect the lingerie for your honeymoon. Yes, I’m serious! You will be surprised on how this new lingerie can help to create the right atmosphere and make your spouse to love you even more. So, here are some tips in buying the lingerie for your honeymoon.

Do remember to purchase something that is a little more conservative and tasteful even though you want to buy some lingerie to spice things up in the bedroom during the honeymoon. For example, a simple chemise can be attractive and seducing without being too revealing. Doing so will ensure that if the housekeeping staffs enter into the hotel room or there’s a gap in your curtains which allows anyone to see in, even a little, you will be seen decent. There are peeping toms everywhere!

Now, just because I mentioned above that the lingerie for your honeymoon need to be tasteful, it doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the material when you purchase the lingerie. My suggestion, take silk and satin to create a little romance in the bedroom. Silk and satin are materials which are soft on the skin and really comfortable to wear. Trust me, you will feel much better wearing this type of lingerie on your body. What’s more, it will encourage your spouse to hug you when you are cuddling at night or in the morning. That’s exactly what you want during the honeymoon, right?

One last thing, while you are doing shopping for your honeymoon, please do not neglect your husband, either. Just as how the new honeymoon lingerie will make you feel better at bedtime, so will some new pajamas for him, as well. Get your husband a pair of silk or satin pajamas or boxers. I can tell you that it’s almost certain that he can feel the love and care that you are giving and appreciate the care very much. Consider buying matching couple bathrobes too. Not only will it reminds you that both of you are leading a new life now, it will create a nice look as you wander around in the bedroom during the honeymoon.