Tips to Choose the Right Bridal Lingerie

When a lady is planning for her wedding, the burning question is always what should I wear? This is the part most brides-to-be will be spending a long time in choosing the right wedding gown to wear, but do you know that it is equivalent important to choose the right lingerie for the wedding gown. This is often an afterthought or not considered at all until the last minute to most brides-to-be. My suggestion, don’t do that. You will be wearing it all day and if it’s tight, not comfortable or digging in, you are not going to enjoy your wedding day. However, don’t be tempted to buy your lingerie before you have chosen your gown also as you may find that it’s totally unsuitable and have to start all over again!

So, please make sure that the lingerie you choose fits under your wedding gown. Before you go shopping for the lingerie, it’s best to take a picture of your gown so that you know exactly what kind of lingerie to wear without exposing it. Choose the color that you want, but it is important to choose a colour which can blends nicely with your gown. The most popular choices are cream, natural, bamboo, champagne and white.

On top of that, if you are going to wear a form-fitting gown for your wedding, do choose a panty that is specially designed for it. The lines of the panty can easily sneak out of such gown and it is going to look awkward.

On the other hand, bras come in a variety of styles. Choose one that fits under your gown without peeping out. Pick a bra that can make the most of your assets and enhance your shape. There are so many strap styles, strapless, cross straps, halter necks as well as the normal shoulder strap style. You can have padding, push up or even minimizer bras. It all depends on the design of your gown and the size of your bust. You can also wear self adhesive bra.

If you do want to wear a bra, there is another option, corset. Get a corset that is well fitted so that you are comfortable for the whole day. Consider also whether you will be wearing tights, stockings or just going bare legged. If you are wearing stockings, you will need suspenders. No worries, all these items can be purchased in the lingerie shop normally. You don’t have to make multiple trips to get all these.

Take note of the tips above while choosing your bridal lingerie to ensure that your wedding ceremony is comfortable and full of joy, just like how you expect it to be.