When to Purchase a Bra for Your Daughter?

A first bra is an important milestone to a young girl. The bra represents growing up, one step closer to become a young woman. It’s a big moment to a mother as well. It’s like telling the mother, “My little girl is growing up and she’s going to have her own life soon”. It’s going to be an emotional experience where there are going to be mixed feelings, excitement and sad, particularly to the mother.

So, when is the right time to get a bra for your daughter? Should you wait until she has fully developed, or head to the shops as soon as you start to notice a change? The average age for a first bra is about 11 year old. However, some girls may need them earlier or later. It depends. As a rule of thumb, there are two indicators which you can use. First, there is a physical change on her where her breasts have begun to develop. If your daughter is  having bumps around the breast area or experiencing sore nipples, it’s time. The second indicator, your daughter is mentally prepared. If she comes to you and says that she needs a bra, attend to her. Don’t ever comment on her size and said that a bra is not needed even if her breasts have not started to develop.

Before heading to the store, take some time explaining to your daughter about breasts where women come in all shapes and sizes and why she needs to wear a bra. Being a teenager is not easy. It’s not just about the physical change, a teenage girl may need to handle the unkind teasing from boys at school too. It’s important to let your daughter aware that wearing a bra is not something embarrassing.

You may ask, what type of bra should I buy? There are so many different  types of bras out there. There are sports bras, padded bras, push-up bras, under wire bras and the list goes on and on. As a general guideline, start with a sports bra. Sports bra is very comfortable and give time to your daughter to get used to wearing a bra.  Remember to make sure that the bra is comfortable to wear for your daughter as she will be wearing the bra all day. She may not know what is comfortable, what is not. Check with her and get her feedback.