Types of Bras and What Are They Best For

There are plenty of bras which come in many different bra shapes, styles and sizes for comfort and support. There no bra that’s one size fits all, including multi-purpose bras. With so many different styles in the market from different brands, it’s no surprise that it can be confusing when you shop for bras. So, to help you, here’s a list types of bras available and what are they best for.

Full-Coverage Bras

They are designed to cover the breasts completely, offering full support for breasts of all sizes. It’s best for women who wish to avoid visible cleavage,

Seamless Bras

Also known as t-shirt bras. If you do want to have visible bra lines when pair with tight knits, wear them.

Demi Bras

These bras cover less than three-fourths of the breast, sometimes as little as half the breast. If you would like to show cleavage, demi cups are best for it. They pushes breasts together to create the appearance of cleavage.

Push-Up Bras

Very similar to the demi bra, a push-up bra is a minimal-coverage bra with an angled cup that shows more cleavage. If you have small chests and you are looking to give the appearance of an increased bust size, wear them.

Minimizer Bras

These bras is to make bust appears smaller and more condensed. It’s best for women with large chests who want to give the appearance of a smaller figure

Plunge Bras

These low-cut bras are cut in a V- or U-shape with the lowest cut in the center of the bra to allow for plunging necklines. It’s best to pair a plunge bra with deep v-neck tops and dresses.

Balconette Bras

These bras lift breasts with a supportive underwire and expose the upper breasts with a demi cup. It makes your breasts appear rounder and fuller than usual.


These wireless bras without cups focus on style and design, offering little support for large breasts. These bras are better for women with small breasts and want to look sexy.

Strapless Bras

Strapless bras offer the support of a bra with a tight band without straps. They are best for strapless dresses and shirts.

Bandeau Bras

These bras are thin, elastic bands of fabric that cover the breasts much like a strapless bra, but with less support. It’s best for breasts that don’t need much support

Long-Line Bras

These bras extend down to the waist utilizing wire boning for added support. These bras are designed to shape your figure to fit a dress, whether it’s for a wedding, prom or homecoming.

Sports Bras

Pretty self-explanatory. These supportive bras help keep breasts in place during physical activity, protecting the ligaments in your chest from potential injury. They are best use for sports activities.

Adhesive Bras

These bras use medical-grade tape to stick to your chest or side without a full band. Some adhesive bras are reusable, while others are meant for one-time use only. They are best for backless dresses and tops.

Nursing Bras

These bras are specially designed for nursing as it has added support for lactating breasts and a soft cup that allows access to the nipple with pull-down flaps. With a nursing bra, busy moms can feed their baby without having to remove their entire bra.

Maternity Bras

Not to be confused with nursing bras, these bras have stretchable cups for growing breasts and comfortable support to alleviate pressure. Maternity bras are designed for pregnant women whose growing breasts require a comfortable and supportive bra.

Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras have optional padding that can be used in one cup or both to give the appearance of breasts when all tissue has been removed. They are normally used after a woman had her mastectomy surgery or for women who have breasts with different cup sizes.