Sports Bra Tips

A great sports bra is important to a good workout and it is gaining popularity among ladies. In fact, according to CNBC last August, sports bras made up 20 percent of bra sales, Sports bras are designed to compress and support your breasts to not only make your exercise more comfortable, but also to help prevent strain and tears to your muscles.

Generally, sports bras are divided to 3 main types: compression, encapsulation and combination. Compression bras support the breasts by compressing and holding them firmly against your body, usually only suggested for A- or B-cup women who engage in low-impact sports. Encapsulation sports bras for women with C cups or larger. These bras have a separate internal cup for each breast, and some include underwires for even more support. Combination bras combine the best of compression and encapsulation to deliver a high level of support for women of all cup sizes.

The best sports bras have sufficient support, breathable fabric, a comfortable fit, and are an easy task to put on and remove. The wrong sports bra can hinder exercise. It may cause neck strain and backache. An inappropriate sports bra can also be quite embarrassing as breasts are inclined to bounce during exercise, and above all, it may lead to Cooper’s droop. Cooper’s droop is a condition where the connective tissue strands in the breasts named as “Cooper’s ligaments” are irreversibly stretched and it causes permanent breasts sagging.

Though many of us have our absolute favorite sports bra that we have loved for several years, the reality is that sports bras lose their support after 52 washes. Just like shoes wear out over time, so do our sports bras. So, how to take care of your sports bra? Here’s how.

Hand washing is best suited, but not always possible. If you plan to machine wash your sports bras, it’s best to use the gentle or delicate cycle and be sure to lock any hooks or straps to avoid snags. Even better, put your sports bras into a dedicated lingerie wash bag. Reshape the cups after washing and hang to air dry. Dryer heat can seriously take a toll on the fabric. Should you must, tumble dry, we suggest doing so on a low temperature. Use of dryer sheets and fabric softeners can reduce the life expectancy of your bra as they clog up the bra’s fabric. Your bra’s ability to resist odors and absorb sweat will be gradually limited. Use a gentle, lingerie-friendly detergent for optimum results,