Lingerie Shower Ideas

It’s so much fun to have lingerie shower. I love it ! For those who don’t know, lingerie shower is a type of bridal shower in where guests shower the future bride with gifts of lingerie. It places a fun and sexy spin on the traditional bridal shower and allows guests and even the bride herself to step outside of their comfort zone temporary, be wild and have good fun.

So, if you are the host not knowing how to make the lingerie shower truly unforgettable for the future bride? Here are some ideas.

1. Make the invitation stand out. Don’t write something like “We cordially invite you to take part in the joyous event that is….” Boring! Write something sexy, flirty and naughty instead to get everybody in the right party mood before the party begins. Do remember to include the bride’s measurements, otherwise your guests are going to be unprepared.

2. Assign each and every guest a naughty, sexy or flirty nickname. Come out names such as “Sexy Lady” or “Hot Mama”. Prepare name cards and pin each guest with their assigned names. Set a rule that each guest must be referred to by her assigned name for the evening. If a guest calls someone by her real name, there will be a penalty, such as performing a pole dance or lap dance.

3. Make everybody a lingerie model. Give each person a bag containing an item of lingerie, ask her try it on, do a catwalk and show it off to the group. Alternatively, ask each person to bring their ugliest pair of pajamas from home. Take pictures of everyone in the pajamas and create a scrapbook for the future bride. You can also have a contest. Each person must stand in front of the group one-by-one, and have a voting competition for the ugliest or most goofy-looking pajamas among all. Don’t forget to reward winners with prizes.

4. Play games. A party without games is no party. You can play games such as truth or dare. Choose one person to start. Ask her to choose truth or dare. If she chooses truth, decide on a question to ask her, and if she chooses dare, think of an interesting dare, such as dancing on the table, act like a slut and singing in lingerie. Alternatively, ask each guest to bring a pair of underwear from home. Display the underwear on a table. The future bride must choose the owner of each piece of underwear, and if she guesses correctly, she gets to keep the underwear or gets a prize

5. Don’t forget the food. Finger foods typically work best for lingerie shower. Fruit and veggie platters are certainly popular, so are small quiches, cookies and cupcakes. If you really want to get a little bit more naughty, go to your local bakery store and ask for lingerie-themed cupcakes and cookies.