How to Organize Your Lingerie

Lingerie is an important part of women’s lives, as it allows them make a better impression, feel sexy and comfortable. Therefore, it is best to always be prepared to wear the right type of undergarments for any occasions. For that purpose, it is best if you have a dedicated lingerie drawer where all your undergarments can be placed in a way that you can easily pick the one you want for a particular occasion. Imagine if you need to spend some of your precious time sorting through your lingerie drawer each and every morning, just to find the one that works with your outfit can be really frustrating.

Here’s a few ideas about how you can organize your lingerie in a better way. It may seem daunting, but you’ll be glad you did at the end of the day.

1. Divide your drawer into sections. Place your bras and panties in different parts of the drawer. Having different sections for different types of panties, bras or even complete lingerie sets allow you to take your desired item out of the drawer in no time, especially when you are in hurry.

2. Create a section for panties, and organize them according to their colours and styles.

3. Put your convertible bras into another section. Convertible bras come handy when you want to wear a clothing which exposes your shoulders. These bras can be a good alternative to bras without straps.

4. Next it’s better to have another section in drawer for sports bras. Wearing a sports bra for work out is more comfortable. You can use one bra for each work out and wash all of your sports bras at the end of the week.

5. Create a separate section for your everyday bras. You should allocate the largest section space for them as most of the time, you’ll be wearing these bras.

6. Fold a bra in half, and tuck the straps inside the cup. Panties should be folded inwards and the bottom tucked in to make a neat square. If a bra and underwear are worn as a pair, store them together so you don’t waste precious minutes looking for its partner.

7. If you have lingerie sets, then you can put them in a separate section. Lingerie sets always make the women feel more comfortable and relaxed.

8. Purge periodically. Take out all of your lingerie and underwear and then toss out everything that doesn’t fit, looks old, or doesn’t seem to hold its shape any more. It’s also important to check if your bras still give the right support and flatter your shape. Your cup size can change, and the back may feel too tight or too loose if you have gained or lost weight.