How to Extend Your Bra’s Life

Bras range in price from just a few dollars to high quality ones that can retail for over three hundred dollars. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether you are buying a cheap bra for day-to-day use or a high fashion bra, it is really important that you care for them in a certain way or they simply will not last. Imagine if you spend hundreds of dollars buying a bra and it doesn’t last long, that’s going to be a pain in your pocket.

How to extend your bra’s life then? Here are some of tips.

1) Do not simply throw your bras in the corner or laundry basket after wearing them. The structure of the cup on the bra can be easily damaged by the act.

2) Place bra into a bra washing ball straight after use. This ensures that the cups on the bra will not be damaged or crushed. Another aspect you ought to be careful of, is that lingerie or elements of clothing with buckles or sharp edges can damage the soft cups of the bra. By placing the bra into a bra ball first it will decrease the chance of damage.

3) Wash the bras in a bra washing ball. Actually, it’s best to hand wash to ensure that your bra’s delicate clips and stitching is not damage by the rough spinning cycle of the washing machine. However, this is not always possible. So, use a bra washing ball particularly when you have normal clothes washed together in a washing machine. Bra washing ball is a plastic device which ensures the cups of the bra maintain their shape so that the other clothes do not rub against them. If you do not have a bra washing ball,  then a bra mesh wash bag will also do the job. However only wash your bras together, do not wash them with other clothes, otherwise cops may damage or distorted.

4) Don’t put your bras into a dryer. Drip dry your bra in the shade is recommended. While direct sunlight helps in drying the bra, do note that direct sunlight can damage and fade the bra. It is recommended that you do not tumble dry bras as this will damage the bra cup. If you have no choice but to tumble dry the bras, ensure that you use a bra bag so that the clasps don’t get caught on the sides of the tumble dryer.

5) Never store your bra damp. Always store your bra dry. A damp bra can in fact breed mold which will damage the feel of the bra. To make it worse, some types of mold have been known to cause skin irritations. Store in your bra cupboard a few packets of the moisture absorption beads if possible

6) Store the bra cup facing up. When you are storing your bra in the cupboard always store the bra with the bra cup up to protect the bra cup from distortion or damage. Avoid storing your jeans with your bra which could easily damage the cup structure.