Finding the Right Bra

Finding the right bra takes time. This is why 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size. You may ask, why does it matter? Heck yes the right bra matters. With the right bra, it keeps your breasts high. I believe you don’t want to see the ligaments overstretch and your breasts sag. The bigger the breasts are, a lot more important it is to support them. Besides, the right bra allow you to feel completely different. You’ll be much more confident in your appearance as it accentuates the waist, smoothes out your silhouette, creates feminine curves, and gives the bust a flattering shape. You will also feel a lot more comfortable than an ill-fitting one when you have the right bra.

So, how to find the right bra? First of all, it starts with knowing your magic numbers, your measurements basically. Back, cup and under breast measurements will always help you to find your right bra. If you have no idea what are those, head to a lingerie store and get measured, the ladies who work in these stores have viewed it ALL, so don’t feel embarrassed. Then try on all different shapes and sizes to find which type of bra fits you best—both fit-wise and lifestyle-wise

Ensure that you adjust the straps to their maximum length and lean forwards into the cups when choosing your bra. Next hook the bra on to the middle hook and put the straps on, lift your breasts and position your breasts slowly and nicely into the cups so that your breasts don’t get pinched. After that, adjust the straps gently so that you get a firm support.

So, how do you know when a bra is not right for you? For example, you might find red marks on your shoulders or back where the straps are digging in too hard which suggests the bra is too small and too tight as a result. Meanwhile if the band is falling down then it may be too large. You should also check that the cups cover more than half your breasts for the best appearance and the most support. The center of the bra should also touch your breast bone. Otherwise, it could be too small or too large. Lastly, the bra’s band should sit firmly against the body to prevent breasts from riding up or moving around.