Do You Need a Bra Extender?

Bra extender is a vital accessory in a lady’s lingerie drawer. For those who are not familiar, bra extender is an extra piece of band with eyes where you can use it to length your current bra band. It basically has a set of hooks at the back to attach it to your current bra’s eyes. No sewing required.

So, when do you need a bra extender? Here are some of the scenarios where you might want to consider using a bra extender to save you money and of course your bra.

1) After a few wash and washes, even a brand new bra can be pretty tight as the elastic relaxes. You can use an extender in the early weeks to make the bra more comfortable while it breaks in. In this way, the band’s elasticity lasts longer and you won’t have to suffer a tight bra band excessively

2) Let’s say your ribcage measurement comes out to be an odd number. Let’s take the example of 33, you might figure out that the next band size up which is 34, it is too loose or stretches out too quickly. On the other hand, if you take the band size down to 32, it will be too tight. In this scenario, bra extender will be a good solution to help you to turn a 32 band into a 33 or 34. What’s even better is that when the band stretches, you can then remove the bra extender. You don’t lose any life of the bra. Perfect!

3) When you experience weight fluctuations, bra extenders are wonderful to maintain a comfortable band fit for you during this period. You don’t have to purchase bigger band size bras.

4) In the early stage of pregnancy, many ladies find that their cup size don’t change but somehow their band starts to feel a little bit tight. Reason being, there is an increase of fluids and sensitivity around the upper abdomen. Instead of buying new bras, you can consider buying a bra extender to give you more breathing space during the early pregnancy.

5) When you have a sudden pain outburst due to medical conditions, for example arthritis or fibromyalgia, try using a bra extender to loosen your bra band so that it won’t increase the pain. It helps sometimes. On days of lesser or no pain, you can then remove the bra extender for better breasts support.