Choosing the Right Panties

Choice of good and right panties is extremely important.  Never wear your panties on that are not right. Non-breathable and tight panties can trap heat and moisture which encourages the growth of Candida, a type of yeast that can lead to infections.  It may cause itchy, red rash and whitish vaginal discharge. If bacteria in your panties makes it to the front, you are also at risk for developing a urinary tract infection.  So, choose the right panties wisely so that you don’t have to suffer from these unpleasant risks.

For regular and everyday use and light exercise like yoga, cotton panties is the best fit. This soft, comfortable material is good for your health and hygiene due to its breathability, light weight and soft texture. It’s easy to maintain  these panties too. They can be easily cleaned in the washer and dryer without distorting the shape or fit.  However, when you engage in heavier exercise like running, which makes you sweat, cotton panties soaks up sweat, tends to make it heavy and can cause a rash. Panties produced from moisture-wicking materials like polyester or nylon are recommended as alternative to cotton panties in this situation. It draws sweat away from the body to keep you comfortable and cooler.

Some panties aren’t healthy for you to wear. To give you an example, that will be the thong. Thong takes away the panty lines but can cause health problems. Thongs make it easy for bacteria to travel from your anus to your vagina due to their unique shape, which may lead a urinary tract infection. You can still wear them though, just remember to wear in certain times only. Don’t wear thong every single day especially on sweaty day.

On top of that, here are few more tips that may be useful.

1. Choose panties that is not too tight, not too loose. If there is a rubber trace on your waist it meaning that you panties is too tight.

2. If you feel damp or wet panties, immediately change it with clean and dry panties.

3. Always wash and rinse your underwear until clean. Residual soap and perfume fragrance can be left in panties and cause allergies.