All About Maternity Bras

Many confuse maternity bras with nursing bras. Both of them are actually different. Maternity bra is worn to accommodate a woman body’s growth in pregnancy. A woman’s breast and ribcage (back size) basically expand during the period. Having said that, maternity bras are different from fashion bras whereby they are made of a softer cotton material, have wider straps, and have additional closures on the band to adjust as breast and ribcage grow. On the other hand, nursing bras have special clips which allow baby’s access to the breast and make it less hassle to a mom.

You may ask, why buying a maternity bra? It’s about stretch marks on the breasts which is something complained by many new mothers. It happens mainly due to the insufficient support their breasts received before and after pregnancy. Maternity bras aid to support your heavier and more sensitive breasts and eliminate the possibility of developing stretch marks in future.

So, when is the right time to buy a maternity bra? There is no so called right time to buy a maternity bra. It varies with every pregnancy. As a rule of thumb, by around four months (16 weeks pregnant), you should start to look at maternity bras as you’ll start to see some significant changes to the breast. However, please limit yourself to one or two bras at first. Many women’s breasts will grow bigger as their pregnancy continues. The maternity bra bought earlier may not fit anymore.

Next question, how to choose the right maternity bra? The very first thing, make sure that the bra is firm with elastic wide straps. Other essential features include a thick underbust band, broadsides, and a deep cup which prevents your breasts from bouncing. Below are some other tips.

1. Pick a bra with a minimum of four rows of back eyes at the back band.

2. Emphasize on your comfort more than the feeling of appearing sexy. So, go for a bra that fully covers your breasts.

3. Choose cotton type of bra. It helps especially with pregnancy accentuating the heat in the body.

4. Don’t pick under wired bras as they can become uncomfortable when your breasts are full in lactation.

5. Buy at least three maternity bras. One to wear, another to wash and one always ready!

Now that we know how to choose the right bra, so how do we know if the maternity bra fits. Here’s some advice.

1. Your whole breast should be covered by the bra cup nicely. No signs of breast tissue out of the sides and no cramp.

2. Your maternity bra should fit comfortably around the bottom band. It shouldn’t be too tight.

3. Straps of your maternity bra that keep your breasts elevated shouldn’t cut into your shoulder.

4. No ride up in the back. If it does, you are taking the wrong size