Adhesive Bra Tips

Adhesive bras, generally known as stick-on bras, would be best identified as strapless bra that sticks to the breasts utilizing a medical grade adhesive. They are generally made from silicone, polyurethane, or a similar material. They have eliminated the trouble of battling with underwires, straps, back bands and extensions,

Adhesive bra is a thing just like a miracle for style conscious women and it’s a must in a woman’s closet, particularly ideal for wearing with strapless and/or backless garments. This type of bra offers support and smooth contouring of the bust, while giving a fashionable finish to the attire.

Here are some tips about adhesive bras.

To have an adhesive bra to work effectively, manufacturer’s guidelines have to be followed properly. To start with, the bra must not be affixed to the breasts right after a woman has used cream, lotion, or any other personal care products because they can cause the bra to slip. Cleaning and drying the breasts and their surrounding area to remove any natural oils from the surface of a woman’s skin is advised before applying the bra, as natural skin oils can cause the adhesive bra not to stick properly. Some adhesive bra manufacturers have their own cleaning solution for the intention of removing oils so as to prep for proper adherence. Next, it is essential to clean the bra right after use or sweat as it may cause the silicone to take in the odor. A woman should also carefully peel the adhesive bra away from the skin and then hand wash the cups. Properly caring for the bra ensures that it will maintain its adhesiveness.

Shop around to get the right choice of size, material, and quality when choosing an adhesive bra,. Sizing often varies among brands, so women should look carefully at the given measurements for a particular brand’s cup sizes, and choose according to her individual measurements. If you’re unsure, choose one that may be slightly large rather than small because this provides better coverage and prevents a popping-out look.

Make sure you choose one that is of high enough quality to be washable and reusable too. Bras of this type can only be worn approximately 50 to 100 times. High quality bras will last longer and will better maintain their adhesiveness. Bra thickness should be considered as well. Thinner bras will provide a more natural look while thicker bras enhance a woman’s look by raising the cup size and offering much more noticeable cleavage.