13 Tips to Avoid Panty Lines

Visible panty lines, also generally known as the dreaded VPL. They are embarrassing. Imagine you go walking around the streets with your butt getting all the unnecessary attention for the wrong reasons. They also ruin the silhouette of your body when you’re wearing skinny jeans, mini skirts, slacks or dresses.

So, how to avoid VPL. Below are 13 tips to avoid panty lines

1. Purchase panties that fit. Tight panties will dig in to your skin and cause unsightly panty lines. Loose panties will easily wrinkle up inside your clothes, showing wrinkles and bumps

2. Limit cotton panties. It’s a tough decision to make. Health wise, cotton panties is better, but they have thick seams.

3. Wear seamless panties. They lies flat against the body and doesn’t have visible seams. Perfect!

4. Go for thongs. They simply don’t have the lines to show, making them the ideal panty line-free choice. However, take note of the rear view when you sit or squat, as these positions tend to expose part of the thong if you’re wearing low-cut pants. Get thong that fits properly as you may get uncomfortable if they are too tight.

5. Check out boy shorts. Boy shorts provide full coverage, and because they do not cut across your butt, they offer a much more seamless look. Be more cautious with boy shorts than you do with thongs because they do not completely eliminate the possibility of a visible panty line

6. Dress in dark colors. Light colored clothing makes panty line highly visible. For example, white pants

7. Wear a slip. It’s kind of old-school, but it works.

8. Get some good shapewear. It seamlessly smoothes everything out.

9. Wear tights. A pair of tights or pantyhose offers the same results if shapewear is not your cup of tea

10. Avoid wearing skin-clinging clothing.

11. Look for thicker fabrics. Thick, textured fabrics are much unlikely to show panty lines than clingy and silky fabrics

12. Wear clothing with prints. Prints are excellent at disguising the panty lines. It gives people an impression that it’s just the prints design.

13. Go commando. Wear absolutely nothing at all under your attire. This is the best way, but needs courage.