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Should You Wear a Bra to Bed or Not?

Should you wear a bra to bed or not? To me, wearing a bra to bed is a simple act that’s surrounded by huge myths. It will not make a woman’s breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. It all boils down to wearing the right size bra to have a perky chest. It’s […]

Types of Bras and What Are They Best For

There are plenty of bras which come in many different bra shapes, styles and sizes for comfort and support. There no bra that’s one size fits all, including multi-purpose bras. With so many different styles in the market from different brands, it’s no surprise that it can be confusing when you shop for bras. So, […]

How to Extend Your Bra’s Life

Bras range in price from just a few dollars to high quality ones that can retail for over three hundred dollars. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether you are buying a cheap bra for day-to-day use or a high fashion bra, it is really important that you care for them in a certain way or […]

How to Organize Your Lingerie

Lingerie is an important part of women’s lives, as it allows them make a better impression, feel sexy and comfortable. Therefore, it is best to always be prepared to wear the right type of undergarments for any occasions. For that purpose, it is best if you have a dedicated lingerie drawer where all your undergarments […]

Lingerie Shower Ideas

It’s so much fun to have lingerie shower. I love it ! For those who don’t know, lingerie shower is a type of bridal shower in where guests shower the future bride with gifts of lingerie. It places a fun and sexy spin on the traditional bridal shower and allows guests and even the bride […]